Washer Initial Print

Here’s a cute way to display initials for a child’s bedroom or your family’s hallway using something you probably wouldn’t think of to make this dotted effect!

Things you’ll need:
Spray Paint
Washers of various sizes

Things to do:
1. Print out or sketch the initial you want in an appropriate size for the canvas.
2. Flip the paper over and trace the letter backwards with your pencil. Make sure the line is dark.
3. Center the paper, printed side up, on the canvas and scribble over the lines. This will transfer the line drawing of the letter onto the canvas to use as a guide.
4. Lay the canvas on a covered work surface.
5. Working with the traced letter as a general guide, place washers on the canvas to create the letter. Make sure to vary the sizes as you go for the best effect.
6. Lightly spray the top of the canvas with spray paint. Allow this initial coat to dry and then apply two more thin coats, or enough coats to cover the canvas well.
7. Allow the washers to dry completely and the tip off to remove and reveal the letter.

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