Teacher Appreciation: “Pearls of Wisdom” Paper Oysters

Paper Oysters are adorable decorations and teacher appreciation gifts. Pair a little oyster with a note that says Thank you for your pearls of wisdom!” or Thank you for helping me come out of my shell!” to show someone you appreciate them. I have also used these oysters as table decorations for beach parties because it is so easy to make a lot of them. Using a strand of pearls rather than loose beads also makes the creative process a lot less hectic. Enjoy making your own paper oysters!

Difficulty level: Beginner
Age range: 6+
Time required: 10 minutes

Things you’ll need:
Silver tissue paper
Peach tissue paper
Faux pearls
Craft wire
Cup (for tracing)

Things to do:
1. Use your cup to trace a circle on your silver tissue paper.
2. Cut out your circle.
3. Pinch the center of your circle and secure with craft wire.
4. Fluff the edges of your silver tissue paper to make it look like an oyster shell.
5. Bunch up a small square of peach tissue paper and glue on one side of the inside of your oyster shell.
6. Cut a pearl off of your strand of pearls and glue it onto the peach tissue paper.
7. Once it is all dry, give your oyster as a gift or use it as a decoration!

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