A Sparkle Egg Holiday Centerpiece

Working with glitter is not just the realm of school children. Glitter is a versatile material that comes in every imaginable color and can be used for all sorts of adult projects as well. These sophisticated centerpieces could be made using pastel colors for spring, red, silver and blue for the Fourth of July, or bright jewel-tones and metallics for winter. Any combination would make lovely centerpieces for holiday tables.

Things you need:
Craft glue
One small bowl for each color of glitter, plus one bowl for the craft glue
Small paintbrush
Waxed paper
Variously sized Styrofoam eggs
Clear glass bowl or urn large enough to hold all the eggs

Things to do:
1. Pour craft glue into a bowl and use a small paintbrush to cover the surface of the egg.
2. Place the egg into a bowl of glitter, spooning glitter over the egg until the whole thing is covered.
3. Remove the egg from the bowl and place on the waxed paper until completely dry (at least an hour).
4. Repeat for each egg, alternating colors. When all of the eggs are covered and dried, arrange in the glass container to display.

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