Simple No-Sew Felt Food

Whip up a delicious felt treat for your little chef in a matter of minutes, with this simple, no sew felt food recipe!

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time required: 1 hour (depending on dry time)
Age range: 5+

Things you’ll need:
Various Colors of Felt
Fabric glue
Felt food patterns (many free options are available on-line), push pins for holding your pattern in place **optional


Things to do:
1. Draw out or use a pattern to create the shapes of the food you wish to create. Many free patterns are available online, however, with a little creativity, these are not necessary.
2. Carefully cut out your shapes using your scissors. Felt can be a little tricky to cut and keep neat, taking your time and being as precise as possible, creates neater more uniform food pieces.
3. Choose which embellishments you wish to be permanent, such as the yolk on a fried egg. Felt clings well, and it is not necessary to glue and of the components together, and it can be extra fun for your little one to be able to add a pat of butter to their felt toast.
4. Add glue to the backs of the pieces you wish to secure. Place pieces together and smooth out the pieces as well as apply a bit of pressure. Let dry. Tip: adding glue to the side that has any left -over pen marks makes your project look tidier.

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