Make Your Own Pocket Gnomes

These little gnomes are so cute! You’ll want to make them by the dozen. They are lovely little gifts, perfect cuties to add to your holiday display, make sweet ornaments or gift toppers and, of course, are amazing wee pocket friends. While an adult should take care of the whittling, once the sticks are carved, kids can join in on the painting making this a great family project.

Difficulty level: easy but requires use of a knife
Time required: 20 minutes plus dry time

Things you’ll need:
Sticks cut into 4 inch lengths
Utility or pocket knife
Red, white and black acrylic paint
Paintbrush and a pin

Things to do:
1. Whittle the end of the stick to a pointy shape. It doesn’t have to be a perfect point, just a general tapered end. Also whittle away a little extra back just under the point for a face.

2. Paint the pointed end red for a hat and dab on white to make a beard. If you use your finger tip and draw the paint up as you dab you’ll get a little texture to your beard.

3. Allow the paint to dry before using the tip of the pin and black paint to add tiny eyes. Allow the eyes to dry before using.

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