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Seed Bead Flowers

Ahhh seed beads: tiny, many colored and oh so inexpensive. Just about every crafter is sure to have a few vials, baggies or containers of them tucked away in their supplies. Which makes this sweet, small craft perfect for just about anyone, especially anyone with a little flower lover around. The finished flowers have a variety of uses. Decorate gifts, sew them onto accent pillows, attach them to hair clips or headbands. Once you have the process down, the possibilities are endless.

Things you need:
Standard seed beads (one or two colors works best)
A few large seed beads
.014 beading wire or 30-gauge wire

Things to do:
1. Cut a 10-inch piece of wire. String 18 of the smaller seed beads onto the wire, leaving them near the middle of the wire.
2. Thread both ends of the wire through one more bead to form the first petal.
3. Thread 19 beads onto one leg of the wire and thread the end bag through the last bead to form the second petal.
4. Continue to thread the beads, 19 at a time, and doubling back on the last one, until you have five petals.
5. Thread both ends of the wire up through the center of the flower and put each end through opposite sides of one of the larger beads. Pull tight and thread the wires back through the center of the flower to secure the center bead.
6. Twist of tie the ends off on the back side of the flower. Attach with wire, glue or thread to your clip, package or card.

**Hint! If you make four petals instead of five and change the bead number from 19 to 24 for two of them, you’ll have a butterfly instead of a flower!**

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  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful tutorial… I just started making jewelry with beadds…. I am hoping to also make lots of these to use on cards that I make…

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