Wrapping with Washi Tape and Baker’s Twine

Wrapping gifts can be, for some people, quite an art. It’s always lovely to get a gift that is wrapped with care and attention. But if you are like me and making those perfectly neat folded corners is not your forte, there are tricks you can use to make a gift appear carefully and thoughtful wrapped with minimal fuss and bother. The combination of baker’s twine and washi tape is one of the easiest and always brings a smile to the recipient. Choose twine and tape that match or coordinate paired with simple, plain boxes for the best result.

Things you’ll need:
Bakers Twine
Washi Tape
Boxed gift

Things to do:
1. Close up your box and wrap a single band of washi tape around the center, beginning and ending on the bottom side of the box.

2. Cut a length of twine 1 1/2-2 times as long as you need to wrap around the box.
3. Cut a short piece of washi tape and tape the center of the twine to the center bottom of the box to keep it in place.

4. Bring the twine up around the box so that it’s centered on the tape. Tie at the top in a knot, and then a bow. Trim the ends as needed.

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