Rusty Tin Bells and Spool Advent Calendar

This advent calendar does double duty as a charming garland for your tree and a treasure hunt for your kids. Wrap around your branches for some rustic charm or string across your mantle or window for some advent fun! Switch out floral wire for the embroidery thread if you want a shape-able garland.

Things you need:
24 wooden spools
1 red bead garland
1 bag of 3/4-inch rusty tin bells
Yellow embroidery thread
Embroidery needle
Craft glue
Pen (or printer)
Things to do:
1. Cut an eleven-foot piece of embroidery thread and thread onto the needle. String one bell all the way to the end and tie off with a loop for hanging.
2. String 10 beads onto the thread.
3. String three bells, adjusting them so that they bunch together. String two red beads and then a spool followed by two more red beads. Repeat this pattern until you have used up all 24 spools.
4. Add three more bells and then ten beads to complete the garland. Tie off with a final bell and a loop as you did at the beginning.
5. Cut the paper into 4-inch long strips that are as wide as the center of your spool (the flat part). Number each 1-24 (you can also do this on a printer) and add a clue to the back of each such as Look under your pillow” to guide your kids to their daily tread!
6. Glue the plain end of the paper across the flat part of each spool. Once the glue has dried, roll up and secure, number side out, with a very small dot of glue.

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