Muslin Bag Advent Wreath

If space is tight in your house, and during Christmas with all the presents, the tree and various family members hanging around, many houses are, an advent calendar that hang from the ceiling can be a great way to keep the tradition without taking up wall or shelf space. Reminiscent of traditional advent centerpieces and St. Lucia crowns, these pretty hanging wreaths fell both classic and modern at the same time not to mention the bonus of keeping little fingers away from their treats!

Things you need:
Large quilting hoop 12-15 inches in diameter
24 mini clothespins
Red acrylic paint
24 muslin bags
Number stamps and stamp pad
Glue gun and glue sticks

Things to do:
1. Paint both sides of the clothespins and allow them to dry.
2. While they are drying, stamp the fronts of your bags with the numbers 1-24.
3. Using your glue gun, attach the clothespins evenly around the hoop.
4. Tie 3 lengths of ribbon (at least 16 inches each, longer if you want it hanging lower) at 1/3 intervals around the hoop. Tie the tops together for hanging.
5. Clip the bags onto the clips, alternating clipping them by the top of the bag and by the strings as you go around the hoop.
6. Fill with treats and hang in an accessible place.

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