Delicate Baskets Made from Lace Doilies

These little baskets are easy to make with lace doilies and can be used year-round. You can use these delicate lace doily baskets to hold pretty little soaps, decorative rocks, or even use them to hold flower petals. You can use these for the Easter holiday season to hold decorated eggs and small goodies for the little ones. These baskets would also make great little favors for an added shabby chic or vintage feel. They would also make great gifts for that special someone.
Things you need:
Lace Doily (of your choice; cotton doily not paper)
Stiffy Fabric Stiffener
Dish (of your choice to shape your basket)

Things to do:
1. Find a dish that you would like use to form the shape of your basket. Flip the dish upside and cover with plastic wrap.
2. Pour a small amount of the Stiffy Fabric Stiffener into another bowl and soak your lace doily until it is completely saturated. Be sure that it is completely saturated and wring out any excess stiffener.
3. Place your saturated lace doily over the plastic wrapped bowl (you can also place the doily along the inside of the bowl if you so desire). Smooth the doily across the bottom of the bowl and along its sides. You may need to shape the sides of the lace doily to be sure that it form curves. Try overlapping the excess doily over itself if your doily does not form perfectly around the dish.
4. Let the lace dry completely, then slowly peel the plastic wrap and doily from the dish. Then you can finally the plastic wrap away from the doily basket.

Project Ideas:
You can try interlacing different types of ribbons through the spaces of lace to add some color and uniqueness to your lace baskets. Use different colors and material of ribbon to dress up your baskets for different events.

These delicate baskets would make great gifts for Mothers day with a few little soaps or candles, teas and other special little treats.

You can also use this as an one of a kind flower girl basket – fresh and stylish for any wedding! Just simply add ribbon from the colors of the wedding and create a handle. To add to the classic vintage feel of the basket, just simply add a string of pearls for the handle.
Project Tips:
These basket are very delicate and should only be made to hold very few items or very light weight items, especially if they are being carried around. Heavy things may be ok if the basket are used to sit around.

Photo Credits:
Top Images: Amy Perl
Final Images: Country Living (Left) and Brass Paper Clip (right)

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing photos of my doily baskets…the one in the photos with the little girl is one of my very favorites. Her mom sent me a swatch of her dress fabric and I was able to match the ribbons exactly. 🙂

    Yes, you can make these fairly easily…I find that watered down Elmer’s glue works better than Stiffy…don’t like the smell of the Stiffy. You will also get very different results depending on how chunky or delicate the doily is…need to adjust the consistency of the glue accordingly or you will end up with lots of glue that will need to be “punched out” of all the little holes in the doily.

    Have fun!

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