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Reindeer Cookies

Holiday cookie time is upon us and while it’s always good to go the traditional route and make the standbys, these kid friendly, slightly silly cookies are a great choice to add to the mix this year.

Things you’ll need:
Peanut shaped cookies
Candy coated chocolates
Candy melts in brown
Black and white frosting
Freezer paper

Things to do:
1. In a double boiler, melt the candy melts until smooth and stirrable.
2. Dip the cookies, one by one, into the melted coating, covering both sides well.
3. Lift the cookie out with a fork and tap on the edge to remove any excess and set onto the freezer paper (shiny side up).
4. While the coating is still soft, press the pretzel antlers and candy nose in firmly.
5. Allow the coating to set up before dotting on eyes and pupils using the frosting.

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  1. I alway,always struggle with what to bring to a social event that wont be the usual cookies or pie. Well thank you to whom ever came up with this adorable idea for not only one of my favorite cookies but the mist adorable disguise for them!! They will figure out what cookie it is once they bite into it but they will love getting more!! Thank you! I dont thunk U will have left overs. Now that makes every cook, even a semi-homemade cook, proud!

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