Paper Bag Bunny Puppet

This Paper Bunny Puppet is a great craft for spring! Spend a short time creating this hand puppet for hours of creative playtime.

Things you need:
2 paper kraft bags
Artist set
Pen (to mark your cut lines)

Things to do:
1. Draw a bunny ear on one of your paper bags with your pen.

2. Cut out your bunny ears by cutting along the line you drew and cutting through both sides of the paper bag.

3. Glue your bunny ears to the closed-ended, back side of your paper bag (the side without the mouth flap).

4. Flip your bag over to the front and decorate using pastels. Color in the ears, add facial features, draw your body, draw a fluffy tail on the back side, and add whatever else you might want your bunny to have.

5. Stick your hand into the bag and move your fingers to make the bunny’s mouth move, and enjoy!

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