No-Sew Birthday Bunting

We have a lot of spring birthday’s in our house, so many that, by the time the last one rolls around, it’s hard to put quite as much effort into the decorations and planning as the first. But thankfully that doesn’t mean the decorations have to suffer. This easy and quick birthday banner can be whipped up quickly and with charming results. These banners can also be used as permanent decorations in children’s rooms and playrooms to add a pop of color.

Look for papers with coordinating, but not identical, colors and patterns for the best result. Scrapbook stickers or stamps can be used to add text to personalize the banner or the triangles can be left as is, bright and fun.

Things you need:
Scrap book paper 1 – 8″ x 10″ sheet for every foot of banner you need
Hole punch
1/4″ ribbon 12″ longer than you want for your finished banner.

Things to do:
1. Set your paper narrow end up. Find the center point along the bottom edge and mark slightly with your pencil. Along the top edge, measure over 2″ from each side and mark again. Connect the top marks with the bottom mark and then the top marks to the bottom corners of the pages to create a zig-zag marking on the paper.
2. Cut along the lines. Discard the end pieces and reserve the three long triangles. Continue until you have cut all your pieces of paper.
3. Punch a hole 1/2″ in and 1/2″ down from each of the top corners of the triangles.
4. Thread the ribbon in through one hole and out through the other of each triangle, shifting them down along the ribbon until you have all of your triangles threaded onto the ribbon.
5. Tie off each end and string up for your party!

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  1. Lovely, particularly the papers in the photo!!! Dont forget tho! You dont need to discard the remnant paper! It may be useful in other ways, for inspiration, colour samples and other uses.