Upcycling: Magazine Beads

When I was a child, making paper beads from the stacks of National Geographic was one of my favorite indoor pastimes. And I’m not the only one. The creation of beads from colorful paper goes back to Victorian times when ladies used knitting needles and paper scraps to create beads for decorations around their homes.

The style of the beads varies considerably depending on how you cut your strips of paper. These templates will give you an idea of where to start but it’s fun to experiment on your own to find your own favorite style.

Things you’ll need:
Magazine pages
Knitting needle or dowel rod
Glue stick
Spray sealer
Magazine Bead Template

Things to do:
1. Print out magazine bead template (size the template to your desired size for your beads) and cut the pages of the magazine into 3/4″ wide by 6″ long strips using whatever pattern you choose.
2. Hold the top edge of the strip along your knitting needle or dowel rod with your thumb and start rolling, as tightly as you can.
3. Once you have wrapped the paper around the needle once or twice, apply glue to the remainder of the strip and roll up tightly, smoothing as you go.
4. Allow the glue to dry and then spray with a coat of sealer to finish.

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  1. Hell-0, This idea of making Paper beads was so much fun as a childi am 71 now My Grandmother taught me and all cousins to also take UGLY beads and roll them with colored tissue paper then put a little bit of glue on the bead and roll it in our hands – put string through it with a needle place many on a long string hang it up to dry and yippie you have new beads…or just roll tissue paper or other soft paper and do the same thing…

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