How to Make a Tissue Box Toy Car Wash Tutorial

Turn old tissue boxes into some entertainment for the kids. Who does not love a good car wash? Simple and fun, this is a fun addition when playing with little cars

Things you’ll need:
Tissue box
Construction paper
Glue and/or tape
Pipe cleaners (straws could work as well)
Crepe paper *optional
Paint, markers, crayons *optional

Things to do:
1. Remove the plastic lining from inside the box.
2. Cut the top of the tissue box, leaving a bit of edge around 3 sides and making sure one side is cut as flush as possible so the cars can easily drive through.
3. Do the same on the bottom of the box as well.
4. Measure your crepe paper to the size of the opening. (I found an old roll laying around from a birthday, but construction paper, ribbon, tissue, etc would work as well. )
5. Once the piece is cut to size, glue or tape on the inside of the box and continue until one opening is covered with paper.
6. If you used a wider covering, cut it into thinner strips.
7. Take your crepe paper and cut into squares. Mine were about 2″. I cut 20 squares total.
8. Take 10 squares and poke them in the middle onto the pipe cleaner.
9. Once they are all placed on and spaced like you would like, simple make slits throughout the squares so they will lay down a bit.
10. Place each of the pipe cleaners inside the other side of the box. I found bending the pipe cleaner and taping to the top of the box was easiest.
11. You can then leave your car wash as is, or decorate it. My son asked for a ‘car wash’ and ‘exit’ sign. We measured these out to the size of the box and placed them, along with covering the box so it did not look so much like a tissue box. Decorate how your want to make the car wash truly yours!
Mine was nothing fancy, but my youngest was absolutely thrilled with it!

– Daneen Doggett-Wolfe

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