House Candle Block Holders

When the days are dark and dreary, there’s nothing like candle light to brighten your day! These sweet little candle holders are a fun addition to any room and a charming way to bring a little candle light into your winter world. This is a fun projects to involve the kids in, allowing them to sketch the houses onto the blocks before you do the burning. You can also drill holes to fit your favorite candles!

Difficulty level: Moderate
Time required: 30 minutes

Things you’ll need:
Wood blocks
Wood burning tool
Drill with a drill bit to fit your favorite candles (menorah sized candles work well)

Things to do:
1. Using your drill bits, drill holes in the enter top of each block to a depth of about 1/2 inch.

2. Sketch little houses on two faces of the blocks.
3. Using the chisel tip on your wood burner, burn along the sketched lines to outline the houses.

4. Switch tips to the dot tip and add fun details to the houses.
5. Push candles into the holes to display.

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