DIY Rustic Wood Stump Candle Holders

Rustic as well as beautiful, these stump candle holders are a perfect addition to your fall centerpiece or mantle display. Easily customizable to the size of candle you want to use, you can create just the look your after. Look for branches or small trees with attractive bark such as birch for this project and be sure to wipe the wood clean of dirt before displaying.

Difficulty level: Moderate to advanced, requires power tools
Time required: 20 minutes

Things you’ll need:
Straight trunk or branches
Hack saw or bandsaw
Drill and bits
Sandpaper or sander

Things to do:
1. Cut sections of the tree trunk into chunks with level ends. Sand lightly to remove any lumps.

2. Screw the chunk of wood securely into your vice.
3. Choose a drill bit that is just slightly smaller than the base of your candle and drill straight down into the top of the branch.

4. Sand the edges of the hole and tap free of dust.
5. Insert your candle into the hole.

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