Fuzzy Heart with Wool Roving

Maybe someone on your valentines list isn’t eating sweets at the moment or you just want to give them a little something extra to let them know how much you care. Either way, this little warm and fuzzy heart is the perfect thing to slip into a pocket, backpack or briefcase to make someone day. Wool roving is available in natural tones and dyed. If you can’t find it in the color you want you can easily dye it using our kettle dying method.

Things you’ll need:
Red wool roving (learn to dye your own here)
White wool roving
Liquid hand soap
Access to hot and cold water
Needle felting tool
Heavy foam or needle felting brush

Things to do:
1. Pull a small wad of white wool roving out of your hunk. You can use all one color of roving if you like, this just takes advantage of the undyed for a core.
2. Wet the wool slightly and begin rolling it between your hands to form an oval shape.
3. Squirt a drop of soap on your hands and continue rolling the wool, very lightly. You’ll want to keep your pressure light and just keep rolling. After a while the fibers will felt together and form a more solid shape. Keep shaping the oval as you go. You want it to be about twice as long as it is wide.
4. Once the wool is fairly well felted, bend the ends of the oval up to form a U shape. Allow the wool to dry.
5. Wrap the dry U shape with red wool, shaping it slightly to make it more heart like.
6. Plunge the needle felting tool into the heart, punching the red fibers into the white core.
7. Continue adding red wool, punching and shaping until the red is well felted into the heart.

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