Ribbon and Paper Retro Heart Ornament

This little last minute valentine has a lot going for it. It’s made of easily found materials, takes only a minute or two and has a fun, funky feel. Perfect for hanging on a door or hook to surprise your sweetheart and simple enough that you could make them by the dozen.

Things you’ll need:
Craft paper
Clothespins or binder clips

Things to do:
1. Cut two 12-inch long strips of paper that are twice as wide as your ribbon. Cut two 12-inch pieces of ribbon as well.
2. Fold both pieces of paper and one ribbon in half and layer them, being careful that the ribbon in centered, paper, ribbon, paper, at the fold. Add a dot of glue to each layer and fold them all in half, securing with a clothespin.
3. Pull the lower pieces of paper and the ribbons around and back to the fold to create a heart shape. Glue and re-secure with the clothespin.
4. Pull the outer layer of paper down to create a larger heart around the other. Glue and re-pin.
5. Fold the remaining piece of ribbon in half and slip the ends into the center of the heart with a drop of glue. Insert a second clothespin to secure the center.
6. Allow everything to dry and hang.

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