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Felt Wine Bag

As the weather warms up and summer draws nearer, picnics and barbecues will become a part of our weeks again (yay!) and so will the ever-present dilemma of the hostess gift. Wine or prettily bottled lemonade is always a great choice and this year bring your bottle in style by whipping up a few of these pretty (and simple!) gift bags!

Things you’ll need:
Sewing machine and notions
Contrasting colored thread
Pinking shears
Bottle of wine

Things to do:
1. Fold the felt in half and lay your bottle down so that the bottom is lined up with the fold.
2. Adding about an inch to each side and the top, cut a rectangle slightly bigger than your bottle.
3. Set your bottle, end down, 1/2 inch from the cut top of the felt, center it and trace the bottom onto the felt.
4. Using your pinking shears cut a slit in the center of the circle and then cut out the rest of the circle neatly.
5. Starting 1 inch up from the fold and using the contrasting thread and a decorative stitch, sew around the edge of the folded rectangle about 1/3 of an inch in. Stop 1 inch from the bottom fold on the other side.
6. Slip the bottle through the hole and slide it carefully down to sit at the bottom of the bag so that the neck is sticking out of the hole. Add a pretty tag and you are ready to head out!

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