Etched Family Glasses

I do a lot of dishes. A lot. With two young children I seem to be forever loading and unloading the dishwasher. And the bulk of those dishes always seems to be glasses. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad my children drink a lot of fluids, but the glasses, oh the glasses. I’ve finally solved this problem, however, by creating a glass for each family member with a label that can’t be washed, peeled or chipped off using etching cream.

Things you’ll need:
Etching cream
Clear glass glasses
Contact paper
Rubber gloves
Digital cutter or craft knife and cutting mat

Things to do:
1. Using either a digital cutter, a die cutter or a craft knife, create a stencil for each member of the family buy cutting a relief letter out of a shape such as a circle or square.
2. Peel the backing paper off of the stencil and apply smoothly to the glass. Be sure to work out any bubbles before proceeding.
3. Paint a thick coat of etching cream onto the glass where the stencil doesn’t cover. Allow the cream to work for a few minutes.
4. Peel off the stencil and, wearing your gloves, wash the cream away with warm water. Dry and run through the dishwasher before using.

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  1. i love this and really want to try it……. what is the best etching cream and whre can you buy it?

  2. 1. I cant find how much time to leave the cream on the glass.2. I made a small bathroom cabinet with a glass door for my grand daughter. I etched swirly hearts in the corners and her name in the middle. My wife made the stencils on a cricuit machine…letters 3 1/2 inched high.

    1. Hi John! Thanks for your great question. Armour Etching cream will react as soon as it touches the glass surface. The amount of time to wait until you rinse will vary with type of stencil being used. The directions state that if you are using a vinyl stencil, to allow the etching cream to sit for at least 5 minutes. If you are using a different type of stencil it will be a matter of trial and run. I have found that leaving it on longer is best, as the white color is brought out more. I am sure your granddaughter loved her bathroom cabinet! Wonderful idea!

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