Envelope Book

Do you ever find yourself with a pile of envelopes and no cards to go in them? I know I do. Somehow I always end up using the cards faster than the envelopes, and here’s the perfect thing to do with those stragglers.

Things you’ll need:
5-10 same sized envelopes
Glue stick

Things to do:
1. Open the envelopes with the glue edge side up.
2. Spread a generous amount of glue onto the flap on the glue side.
3. Flip the envelope over and slide the flap into the opening of another envelope.
4. Fold that envelope back to reveal the opening of that layer and slide the flap of the next envelope in (be sure to glue it first!)
5. Continue to glue the flaps and insert them into the envelopes until you have used up your envelopes or your book is as thick as you’d like it to be. (These books are great doodle books for kids!)

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