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DIY Tangle-Free Power Cords

With multiple mobile devices in our house, we have an ongoing problem of where’s my charging cord?” that seems to go round and round. Keeping these identical cords apart is a nightmare so I’m on a mission to fix this with a little trick I learned back in elementary school. Friendship bracelets! You’ll need about 3 feet of embroidery thread per inch of cord for this project and you can double or triple the colors for added interest (and identification!)

Difficulty level: Moderate
Time required: About an hour

Things you’ll need:
Embroidery thread
Phone Charger
Super Glue
Small c-clamp

Things to do:
1. Clamp the USB port to a secure surface using the clamp, be sure not to dent the USB while attaching it to the surface.

2. Wind out enough embroidery thread for your project. Begin with a simple knot that leaves a tail about an inch longer than your cord. Wind the other end up into a loop for better control while knotting.
3. Pull the tail down the length of the cord, you’ll be knotting around the cord and the tail to weave the tail in.

4. Bring the longer end over, around and through the loop to tie a knot around the cord. You’ll want to repeat this process exactly, don’t change the direction of your knotting as you go. The knots will naturally spiral around the cord as you work.

5. Continue to knot along the length of the cord. When you are almost at the end, trim the short tail so that it disappears under the last few knots.

6. Knot the final knot and dab a little superglue into the knot to hold. Allow it to dry before trimming the excess.

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