DIY Polka Dot Table Runner Tutorial

Create your own table runners with this no sew, easy craft tutorial. The linen table runners are beautiful as is, but can transform easily into a gorgeous centerpiece for your table by following these simple steps. This would even make a wonderful gift, by getting the kids involved and painting their hand prints on the runner, so many possibilities!

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time required: 1 hour (includes drying time)
Age range: Any

Things you’ll need:
Acrylic paint (I used black, gold, and white)
Table runner
Wood flower pot (to create circle stamp)
Paint palette

Things to do:
1. I began this craft project by ironing the linen table cloth, it’s easier to do before the project rather than after.

2. Place newspaper underneath your table runner to catch any paint that comes through to the backside of the table runner.
3. Squeeze a glob of paint into the paint palette. Press the wood flower pot bottom into the paint. Then press the flower pot paint side down on the table runner. Repeat on the same polka dot with more paint if needed.

4. Add polka dots all over the table runner. Repeat with as many colors as desired.
5. Allow to dry for 30-45 minutes. Check the bottom of the runner at various times while drying to make sure the paint underneath is not sticking to the newspaper.

6. Once dry, your table runner is ready to be displayed on the table, enjoy!

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