DIY Lace Crown

These pretty little crowns are perfect for the princess in your life and are an excellent project for a party or a rainy day.

Things you’ll need:
Lace ribbon
Fabric stiffener
Wax paper
Spray paint (optional)
Spray glitter (optional)
Craft glue
Bobby pins or clips

Things to do:
1. Cut two foot lengths of lace and lay out onto the wax paper. Spray generously with the fabric stiffener, flipping so that both sides get well soaked. Allow the stiffener to dry completely. The lace should be stiff but still bendable. Repeat with another coat of stiffener if the lace is not stiff enough.
2. Once the lace is stiff and dry, spray with a thin coat of paint on each side. If you are doing this activity with children, switch out spray paint with acrylic craft paint or leave the lace unpainted.
3. Spray with a final coat of glitter paint if desired. Allow the paint to dry.
4. Turn the lace in a circle to create crowns of various and run a generous bead of glue down the width of the lace where the layers overlap. Press and slide a bobby pin on either side of the glue to hold. Allow the glue to dry.
5. Trim away the excess ribbon and pin on the nearest princess!

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