Baker’s Twine Tassel

Baker’s twine is colorful and fun and down right handy for everything from wrapping gifts to tying things up in the kitchen, and it’s the perfect material for some sweet little tassels.

Things you’ll need:
Baker’s Twine
4 inch square of cardboard

Things to do:
1. Wrap the twine 20-25 times around the cardboard, depending on how bulky you want your tassel.
2. Slip the pencil in under the twine and push to one end so that it is against the fold in the twine.
3. Cut the opposite ends of the loops and slip the cardboard out.
4. Slide a six-inch length of twine under the tassel near where the pencil is resting. Tie tightly around the tassel and wrap the excess twine around the neck. Tie off and tuck the ends in. Trim.
5. Slip a three-inch length of twine in where the pencil passes though and slide the pencil out. Tie tightly at the top.

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