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DIY Dot Relief Ceramics

It’s been a long, long time since I had an actual set of matching dishes. Since shortly after I was married, actually. Not long after that, and ever since, I’ve had a mishmash. Kids, husbands, guest, accidents have all conspired against me. And because I hate the idea of replacing a whole set just because I have, say, broken all the bowls, I’ve come up with a few tricks for turning mismatches bunches of dishes into my own personalized sets. Matching color themes is one but another is to take random white pottery and personalize it into my very own set. This technique turns something plain into something fun with just a few steps. Instead of letters, you could use decal shapes to create your look. Experiment! Have fun! Make something that is all you!

Difficulty level: Easy
Time required: 20 minutes plus 24 hours dry time and cook time

Things you’ll need:
Oven safe pottery
Ceramic Pens
Vinyl decals

Things to do:
1. Wash and dry your dishes.

2. Apply the decal to the center or your bowl.

3. Using the tip of the pen, dot along the edges of the decal, applying the ink liberally closer to the edge of the decal and lighter as you move away.

4. Allow the ink to dry before removing the decals.
5. Let the piece dry for 24 hours before heating in the oven according to the manufacturers directions before using.

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