Upcycling: DIY Cake Stands

I love cake stands. It’s silly, but I’ve found that a cake stand can make any old cake, pie or treat look like something really special, just because it’s sitting on something pretty. And I’d like nothing more than to have a whole slew of them, just right for every occasion, but alas, I can’t seem to stand to spend all that money on something I use only now and then. Thankfully though, I’ve found a way around that little stumbling block with this simple craft.

Things you’ll need:
Crystal or glass goblet
Crystal or glass plate
Sticky Ass Glue or E6000
Spray paint

Things to do:
1. Clean the plate and goblet well and dry.
2. Apply a thin bead of glue to the rim of the glass
3. Center the glass on the bottom side of the plate and press down, turning slightly to help spread the glue a bit. Allow the glue to dry completely.
4. With the stand upside down on a covered and well-ventilated work surface, spray the entire underside of the stand with two to three coats of spray paint.
5. Allow the paint to dry, flip right side up and serve!

Note: Any spray paint will do. We used Krylon spray paint. The picture shows the food touching the stands directly but this was for picture propping, but for general purposes if you arent sure if your spray paint is food safe you should definitely use some sort of liner on top or you could also leave the top unpainted.

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  1. Excellant idea I love the look and the possiblities are endless am definately going to give it a go

  2. You can also glue them together with hot glue just for a special occassion, then soak them apart when done with the party.Sometimes you want a certain look, for a certain party, but dont want to store it for the rest of your life.

  3. very cute idea. I was thinking to go an even less expensive round and use plastic goblets and clear plastic serving plates. that way you could use a couple of times and leave at other peoples houses when you bring treats.

  4. This is such a clever ideaIf you are concerned about food touching the paint – you could paint the under neath of the plate before you glue it to the goblet. I also like the idea of using colored plastic crystal looking dish and goblet.