Haunting Silhouette Plates

Halloween is a big deal in our neighborhood. What started out as a small pumpkin carving party has turned into a multi day party on our block with pumpkin carving, a parade, a pizza party and finally group trick or treating up and down the streets. As the hostess of one of the parties, I’m always thinking up new ways to decorate the table in fun and spooky ways.

This year I’m planning on spicing up my every day dishes with contact paper silhouettes of witches. It’s a great temporary way to change up the ordinary and add a little Boo! to the table. If you’re not hosting a party, why not hang a few silhouette plates on your wall as part of your Halloween decorations?

Things you need:
Black contact paper
Witch Template
Spray adhesive

Things to do:
1. Print out the Witch Template and cut out each image.
2. Spray the back of the image (you can use either side depending on which direction you want your witches facing!) with adhesive and press onto the back side of the contact paper, smoothing out any bubbles.
3. Cut out the contact paper witches.
4. Remove the backing from the contact paper and smooth onto plates.
Note: These stickers are temporary and should be used on plates where dry snacks will be displayed.

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