DIY Advent Taper Candle

If you have little kids, then you know that the count down to Christmas is full of Is it Christmas yets” and How many more days??”. This count down advent candle is perfect for those occasions, allowing you to burn a section of the candle each night so your kids know exactly how many days are left.

Things you’ll need:
White taper candles
Vellum or white tissue paper, as close in color to the candle as possible
Wax paper
Heat gun or hair dryer
Access to a computer and printer

Things to do:
1. On your computer, create a document with a row of numbers 1-23 about 2 inches shorter than the length of your candle. You’ll want the strip to be as narrow as possible for the best effect.
2. Print the numbers out onto the vellum or tissue. If your printer won’t take the thin paper, tape a sheet onto a sheet of printer paper before sending it through.

3. Trim the numbers into a very narrow strip, trimming away as much as possible.
4. Lay the number strip on the candle with the 1 close to the top of the candle so that it lays down along the length of the candle.

5. Wrap the wax paper around the candle, pinching the number strip onto the candle.

6. Gently heat the wax paper over the number strip, stopping now and then to rub along the strip to help work it into the wax.

7. When the number strip is embedded into the candle and covered with wax from the wax paper, pull the wax paper away and allow the candle to cool before using. Burn down one number each day till Christmas.

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