Cupcake Liner PomPoms

These pompoms are a great addition to your holiday decor and can be personalized to any color scheme. Perfect for hanging up with the mistletoe or perched on a shelf, they make a simple afternoon craft.

Things you’ll need:
Styrofoam balls, various sizes
Cupcake liners
Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Things to do:
1. Cut a length of ribbon twice as long as you want the hanger to be and glue into a loop.
2. Attach the loop to the ball with a generous dot of glue and press firmly until it is dry.
3. Separate the liners and gather one around the eraser end of the pencil.
4. Dot the end with glue and use the pencil to press it onto the ball.
5. Continue this process, packing the liners in densely, until the entire ball is covered.

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