Upcycling: Cute and Simple Magnetic Containers

In my house, we use our magnetic surfaces as much as possible. They are handy, fun, great for organizing and perfect for displaying kiddo art. But I can never seem to keep a pen around those surfaces for taking down notes. Notepads with magnets? Easy to find. Pens with magnets (that work) not so much. Enter the humble mint tin and now I’m set!

Things you’ll need:
Strong magnet blanks
Vertical opening mint tins
Spray paint (optional)
Super Glue

Things to do:
1. If you don’t like the exterior of your tin, coat with a few layers of spray paint in a well ventilated and well covered work space until the original emblems are hidden.
2. Spread a generous amount of superglue in at the center top of the tin and immediately press the magnet into place.
3. Allow the glue to dry before filling with your favorite pens and snapping it in place!

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