Crepe Paper Flowers

These flowers add a little spook to your Hallowe’en decorations while still being pretty! Group them in vases or attach them to black floral wire to make larger bouquets. They also make fun boutonnieres and corsages for October events, completing your creepy outfits!

Things you need:
Black crepe paper
Clear tape
Black floral wire (optional)
Black floral tape (optional)

Things to do:
1. Cut a three-foot piece of crepe paper and fold in half with the edges meeting. Fold in half again, making sure all the sides and edges line up. Continue folding until you have a 2-1/2″ rectangle.
2. Round the edges of the rectangle, being sure not to cut all the way thought the folds.
3. Open the crepe paper up and, starting at one end, gather the bottom edge and start wrapping the paper up on itself, bunching the bottom as you go.
4. Continue to wrap, gather and pinch until you have used up the entire length of paper. Wrap a short piece of clear scotch tape around the pinched section to hold the flower together.
5. If you want these in a bouquet. Cut a length of floral wire and press one end onto the bottom of the flower. Wrap the flower and wire tightly with floral tape, winding the tape down along the wire to create a stem.
6. The petals can be shaped slightly but pulling gently on the sides while smoothing the center of the petal with your thumb. Gather the flowers together in a bowl, on a plate or bunch together and wrap with a bow for a wickedly beautiful decoration.

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