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Christmas Wrapped Battery Packed Lights – Mini-Tree Advent Calendar Project

Every little Mini-Advent Calendar Tree needs lights, but of course, who wants the battery pack hanging out with the ornament boxes? Dress up the box with a little Christmas wrapping and add it to the pile of gifts!

Things you’ll need:
Battery powered Christmas Lights
Wrapping paper or scrapbook paper
Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Things to do:
1. Measure a strip of paper twice as wide as the length of the box.
2. Fold in about 1 inch along one edge and line it up with the open end of the battery box.

3. Using hot glue, wrap the paper around the box, folding the narrow edge in before gluing it down.

4. On the open end of the wrapping, cut in to allow the cord through and then fold the end in like a normal package and glue to secure.

5. Slide pieces of paper onto the top of the battery flap working it around the switch. Glue down and trim the excess paper. Attach small pieces of ribbon to cover the gap in the paper.

6. Slide the flap close and attach ribbon to the box to line up with the pieces on the end, gluing it down as you go. Add a bow to finish.

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1 Comment

  1. Absolutely a super idea, have been looking for a Xmas tree with lights (not found) but now I can do my own Thanks

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