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Button and Felt Flowers

These Button and Felt Flowers are cute and easy to make. Use different colors of felt and buttons to make a mix-and-match bouquet.

Things you’ll need:
Small felt circles
Pipe cleaners
Large craft needle

Things to do:
1. Cut out your small felt circle.
2. Use your crafting needle to poke two holes through the center of your felt circle.
3. String your pipe cleaner through one of the holes in your button.
4. String your pipe cleaner through one of the holes in your felt circle.
5. Take the end of your pipe cleaner and make a loop by turning it around and stringing it back through another hole in your button.
6. Continue to push the end of your pipe cleaner through the other hole in your felt circle.
7. Secure the felt circle and button by twisting the end of the pipe cleaner around the pipe cleaner stem” of your flower.
8. Place these flowers in a vase, glue to a card, or use with dolls for play time fun!

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