Video: How to Attach Doll Hair

Things you’ll need:
Doll Hair
Muslin doll
Sewing machine
Thread matching the hair
Hand sewing needle
Masking Tape

Things to do:
1. Unweave the hair and tease it out so that it is evenly spread out to about a 2-inch width.
2. Determine the length of hair you want on your doll, part to ends, and then double that length, trimming the hair to this measurement. Cut two identical lengths of hair to this length.
3. Lay the two wigs” out on a table and lay a length of tape down the center of each. Flip the hair over and repeat on the other side so that the stickiness is covered on both side of the tape.
4. Run the hair through your sewing machine with the stitch length at it’s shortest length and on a straight stitch right down the center of the tape on each wig, being sure to backstitch at the beginning and end each time.
5. Remove the tape carefully from the hair, leaving the stitching behind.
6. Hand stitch one wig to the doll, lining up the machine stitching down the center back of the head and using an x” stitch to tack it down.
7. Using a whipstitch, tack small clumps of the hair down onto the head forming a u” of stitches around the crown of the head.
8. Stitch the second wig over the first, taking small, tight stitches along the machine stitching line to secure it down.
9. Trim all threads and the hair as necessary to create the length and style you are looking for.

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