Fabric Bowl with Mod Podge

These cheerful fabric bowls are endlessly customizable and incredibly useful. Make a small one to catch your keys at the door, a larger one for jewelry and an in-between bowl that’s just the right size to corral your yarn while knitting. Perfect as gifts, these are simple enough for the kids to lend a hand as well.

Things you’ll need:
Lightweight fabric cut into 2-inch wide strips- two different patterns
Plastic wrap
Mod Podge
Disposable container
Foam brush
Bias tape
Craft glue

Things to do:
1. Cover your bowl entirely with plastic wrap. You’ll use this as a mold so be sure it’s well covered.

2. Pour the Mod Podge into the container and thin slightly with water.
3. Flip the bowl upside down. Paint a two-inch wide strip from edge to edge on the bowl and lay a strip of fabric, print side DOWN. Continue to add strips of this pattern, print down, until the bowl is covered.

4. Paint another section of the bowl, over the first layer of fabric, as before, this time adding strips of the second pattern of fabric print side UP. Continue until the second layer entirely covers the first.

5. Allow the bowl to dry overnight.

6. Once dry, remove the bowl from the mold and peel the plastic wrap away.
7. Trim the edge of the bowl to the height you want. Add a bead of glue to the outer edge and press the bias tape around the bowl, trimming the excess.

8. Once dry, fold the bias tape over and glue along the inside edge. Allow the glue to dry before using.

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  1. These fabric bowls are adorable! The tiny photograph on the Home Page caught my eye because of the bright and cheery colors. How much quicker will these be to make rather than papier mache! You are right, there are endless possibilities! Thanks Jessica Christman!

  2. Tried this because I thought it was so cute. Couldnt get the plastic wrap off of the inside fabric and the finished piece was floppy and wouldnt hold its shape. What did I do wrong. Oh yes, I used the Mod Podge for outside. Was that the wrong thing to use?

    1. I think it might be better to use the Hard Coat Mod Podge: factorydirectcraft.com/catalog/products/1302_2533_618-24452-8oz_hard_coat_mod_podge.html This mod podge is a little more durable and would help provide a better shape for your bowl. Try this and see if that fixes your issue. If not please let me know and we will figure this out together lol Best of luck!

      1. Next time I get to craft store Ill pick some up. Ill let you know how it goes. Whoops! Should I coat over the existing project, or start completely over?

        1. Yes, definitely let me know how it goes! You could try to coat the existing project. I dont think it would hurt anything and if it doesnt work, then you just start new. But I would think that it would work, I dont see why it wouldnt. Happy crafting!

  3. I did this project with my students for our Mother’s Day gifts! They turned out so cute and the kids really enjoyed the project! Thanks for the idea!

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