Vintage-Inspired Valentine Paper Pipe Cleaner Dolls + Free Printable

Using vintage Valentine’s, create retro inspired pipe cleaner dolls, that are perfect for a vintage flair in your seasonal decor, great for gifts, ornaments or attaching to your Valentine gift packages!

Difficulty level: Intermediate
Time required: 30+ minutes
Age range: 12+

Things you’ll need:
Vintage valentines or printable artwork
Bumpy pipe cleaners
Cupcake liners
Hot glue gun/hot glue sticks
Rick rack and various embellishments **optional

Things to do:
1. Create a stick body using your pipe cleaners. We prefer a thicker body, which is made doubling up on pipe cleaners for each piece, and twisting ends to keep them together. (see photos)
2. Once your body is created and shaped to your liking, fold your cupcake liner into a triangular shape (see photo), and cut a small slit at the top point–just large enough to slip your pipe cleaner body through.
3. Slip your cupcake liner over the body, and to the waist of your pipe cleaner doll.
4. Lay your cupcake liner flat, creating the look of a pleated skirt. Use your hot glue, to glue it into place.
5. Add your body parts–head, signs, or any embellishments you like, and do your best to place them in a way to make it look as natural as possible. A great way to hide your pipe cleaner, and create a nicer looking doll, is to use extra embellishments to areas that don’t look as nice polished. Tip: We used pipe cleaner to create a halo type hanger to our dolls, to fashion hangable ornaments.

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