Upcycling: Twine Jar Vase

Twine and glass make for a simple but elegant home for your freshly cut flowers. Pull a few jars out of your recycling and soon you’ll have a keeper of a vase.

Things you’ll need:
Hemp Twine
Craft Glue

Things to do:
1. Splay out the end of your twine so that it disappears under the wraps.
2. Dab the back of the jar with glue 1/2 inch higher than where you want the twine wrapping to start and press the splayed out end into the glue. Allow it to cry for a few minutes before proceeding.
3. With your thump on the splayed twine, start to wrap the bottle, making sure to overlap the splayed part as you work up the jar.
4. Dab a small amount of glue up the center back of the jar as you work and continue to wrap until you have covered the section you want wrapped with twine.
5. Trim the end at the center back and splay out, Using your fingernail, push the end under the last rows of twine so that it tucks in neatly.

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