Upcycling: DIY Wine Bottle Accent Light

You had a great time emptying those wine bottles, why not put them to good use? This illuminating craft is as much fun to make as it is eco-friendly, and will cast a warm glow in any room in your home.

Things you need:
Empty wine bottle (light green Chardonnay bottles and blue Riesling bottles work best)
1/2″ ceramic tile drill bit
Eye protection
Old towel
Masking tape
20-count teeny Christmas light set

Things to do:
1. Rinse and dry your bottle. You can removed the labels if you wish. Place a small strip of masking tape on the back of the bottle, about 3 inches up from the base.
2. Lay bottle on towel and position tape side up; use the towel edges to hold on to the bottle.
3. Slip on your safety goggles, hold onto the bottle through the towel, and begin drilling using moderate pressure. (Tip: This is a SLOW process. Take your time and don’t try to rush; otherwise, the bottle may break.)
4. Rinse bottle to remove any glass dust, and allow to thoroughly dry.
5. When completely dry, slowly begin threading the lights into the bottle.
6. Plug in and enjoy the lightshow!

Project Notes:
Keep in mind that your wine bottle accent light will become warm to the touch, so be sure to display atop a trivet to protect wood furnishings. Also, while the ceramic tile drill bit (around $15) is on the pricey side, it will have enough oomph” to complete 6-8 accent lights.

Wine bottle accent lights add a warm glow to master suites, patios, and studies, and are a fitting finishing touch to any vineyard-themed decor. Enjoy these illuminating adornments in your own home, or present them as a fun and unique gift to the wine aficionado in your life.

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  1. Where can I purchase the teeny light’s to make for wine bottles?? Please help me/ thank You .i can’t find color teeny lts. Jan.Thank You!!!!

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