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Upcycled Egg Carton Flower Mobile Tutorial

As we eat more during our time at home, you are sure to have an egg carton ready to go into the trash. Instead of pitching it, turn it into a beautiful mobile that is sure to brighten your home.

Things you’ll need:
Egg carton
Paint – I used watercolor, but anything will work
Paint brush
String – shoe laces, rope, ribbon, etc.
Stick, dowel rod, hanger… something to use for your hanging base

Things to do:
1. Start by cutting the lid and closure piece off the carton.
2. Cut out the individual egg holders. Trim any uneven pieces as needed.
3. Make a small slit on each holder, to give the flower effect, creating each petal.
4. Once all cut out and in their flower shape, paint. I used watercolors, but any paint you have will be fine. Just have fun with it.
5. Once dry poke a hole in the center of each flower.
6. Use your string, in my case, old shoe laces and knot the end. Put a flower on and then make another knot, so each flower has a placement on the string.
7. Once the string is full, tie to your base stick… in my case, an actual stick from a hike we took the other day.
8. Once all flowers are strung and on your stick, add another string to use as a hanger. Voila… a bright, cheerful piece!

– Daneen Doggett-Wolfe

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