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Upcycle: Glowing Garden Globes

We’ve been fascinated with spheres for a while. And we’ve drooled over glowing globes in a garden setting for even longer. When the idea of using the globes from old light fixtures and Christmas lights struck, we felt like kicking ourselves in the rear end. How perfect, thrifty, and useful!

So we started checking building supply stores, resale shops, etc. for globe light fixtures. Believe it or not, the globes themselves shouldn’t cost more than $2 or $3. Until word of this gets out and people start buying them up!

Age range: Adult (globes tend to roll and break. Yes, the voice of experience!)
Difficulty level: Beginner
Time required: 15 minutes plus shopping time

Things you’ll need:
Glass globes
Outdoor string lights
Outdoor extension cord
Exterior timer (if desired)

Things to do:
1. Clean the dirt and grime from your globe (it was in the back shelf of the store!)

2. Lay out Christmas lights: We used a 100-light string for two globes. We used white light but you can use solid or multi-colored lights. Your choice!
3. Feed half of the string into one globe and half into the other. Do this in the garden; the grass helps keep the globes from rolling. Leave the plug out.

4. Place globes in your garden.

5. Plug light into extension cord. Add a timer if you’d like to control when they come on and go out. Enjoy!

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