Travel Loom: Dragon Scale Loom Band Bracelet

The Dragon Scale Bracelet is a more complicated rubber band bracelet which uses four pegs in a row on the travel loom. This style works well as a three color bracelet and appears as two single band bracelets joined side by side. It helps to separate out your bands before starting with this pattern to help keep the order straight. Simply make three piles one for each color.

Difficulty level: moderate
Time required: 15 minutes

Things you’ll need:
Travel Loom and hook
Loom bands

Things to do:
1. Choose four pegs that are lined up in row on the loom.
2. On the center two pegs, twist one rubber band into a figure 8 and place it over the pegs.

3. Twist a second rubber band and place it over the first and second peg.

4. Twist a third rubber band and place it over the third and fourth peg. From here on out you will no longer twist the bands before adding them.

5. Push bands down gently on the pegs.

6. Loop one band around the center two pegs and, using the hook, pull the bottom loop up over the top of the peg. Repeat on the other peg.

7. Loop a band around the first and second and another around the third and fourth and, using the hook, pull the bottom loops up and over the tops.

8. Repeat this process, working the center two pegs and then the outer pegs in turn, until you have the length of bracelet you want.

9. Using an S hook, secure all the ends.

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