Get Organized with Upcycled Plastic and Glass Bottles

With spring well underway and Earth Day fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to focus on getting organized while embracing a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Our plastic bottle and glass jar crafts will not only breathe new life into the empties you’ve collected, they’ll also help keep your home’s surfaces free of accumulating clutter.

Refreshing Storage: Plastic Bottle Desk Organizers

While recycling plastic bottles is an environmentally sound alternative to pitching them, upcycling them for use in your home is even better. Coming up with creative alternative uses will allow you to reduce your carbon footprint even more by saving the energy used at the recycling plant.

Photo Credits: Craftzine

20-ounce soft drink bottles are the perfect size for creative desk organizers (see how nicely they line up on your desk?), and will serve double duty by nestling into car cup holders to keep lip balm, hair bands, crayons, and coins at the ready. To make, cut the bottom off of the bottle just below where the base begins to taper, and coat the surface with eco-friendly low or no VOC paint. Cover the sharp edge with a salvaged piece of felt, yarn, or ribbon.

A Pretty Place for Everything: Glass Jars

Upcycling glass jars is a cinch, and with so many shapes, sizes, and fun uses, it’s a great way to express your personal style while de-cluttering your home. Start by scavenging the fridge and pantry for near-empty jars. After washing and drying thoroughly, start flexing your creative muscles with these easy, inspired ideas:

Decorate jars with eco-friendly paints designed especially for glass, or dress them up with fabric, ribbon, or yarn.

Photo Credits: Design Sponge and from the book One More Skein

Snip the sleeves from a sweater that’s stained or beyond repair, then slip over glass jars and bottles with the finished wrist seam at the top. Wrap the cut edge under the base, and affix with tape or glue.

Got a favorite sweater that’s also been a beacon for moths? Unravel the yarn and use it to wrap a glass container that’s been slathered with glue. Then, add finishing touches, such as buttons, lace, and other embellishments salvaged from the sweater or other unusable garments.

Now that you’re inspired, see what other items you can rescue from your recycling bin. With a little creativity, staying organized may be easier and more affordable than you expected.

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