Sneak Peek of the Lady Gaga Glee Episode with Our Acrylic Ornaments!

Rumor has it that the much awaited Lady Gaga Glee episode will air May 25! This particular episode features two popular Lady Gaga songs along with her very well known outrageous costumes. Not only did Lady Gaga give Glee permission to use her songs but she also loaned out her costumer! Ryan Murphy, Glee boss, states “Her person made our costumes. It’s, I think, our most expensive number because the set is crazy and the costumes are crazy.” Murphy says Lea will do a very stripped-down version” of Gaga’s hit Poker Face,” while the whole crew will come together for a huge performance of Bad Romance.”

Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina, who’s sporting our acrylic ornament balls) announces her character may be the motivation for Glee to go Gaga. “Tina in the Gaga episode has a little bit of a problem expressing herself,” Jenna comments. “She gets in trouble for the way she dresses. So she has to go through a little bit of a change for a little while. And therefore you will see some Gaga in there. She’s slowly coming out of her box. Making her way out of her shell.”

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