Rock and Pebble Flower Nature Art Tutorial

Use natural elements around you to make art. We are camping in Vermont this week and I wanted a memento to remember the trip by. So I gathered up some goodies from around our camp site and got crafty. Now, I won’t lie, I got so into this one, I ended up not taking as many pictures as I normally would, so I do apologize for that, but I will walk you through it!

Things you’ll need:
Rocks and pebbles
Piece of wood/driftwood for backdrop
Scissors (optional)

Things to do:
1. Acquire all found materials: rocks, sticks, pieces of flatter wood; get creative, have fun.
2. Work on placement of how you want to place all your found objects. I went with a flower theme, but work with the rocks you have. Maybe robots for the kiddos or butterflies, play with the shapes you have.

3. Once your placement is figured out, start gluing. I used Gorilla glue, which worked just fine, but you can use other kinds as well.

4. After making the 2 smaller flowers, I decided to keep going. You could leave them as is, or, like me, make a bigger piece of art.

5. I was able to find an old piece of board that had been outside and weathered. I then attached my small pieces with the flowers and added more rock art.

6. Voila! We have a souvenir from our camping trip and I never had to worry about social distancing at a store or anything.

– Daneen Doggett-Wolfe

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