DIY Salt Jar Votives with Mod Podge

Now that the cold weather has started and the days are getting shorter, candles are making a regular appearance in our house. But kids and open flames are not always the best combination, so I try to keep our candles in votive holders to help deter little fingers from the fire. These salt jars are perfect. Made from recycled jars and Epsom salt, they add a beautiful wintery touch to our decor and help keep my little ones fingers away from the flame at the same time.

Things you’ll need:
Mod Podge
Epsom Salt
Foam brush

Things to do:
1. Spread a thick layer of salt onto your plate. Use more than you think you’ll need.
2. Holding the jar on your fingers, coat the sides of the jar, all the way to the rim, with a generous coat of Mod Podge. You don’t want it dripping off, but you want enough so the salt will stick.
3. Roll the jar in salt, making sure that the rim also gets covered. Press the salt in gently and check for any blank spots.
4. Allow the Mod Podge to dry before using.

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    1. Personally, I havent had any issues with the salts hurting my tables. But I would assume over time that it could possibly become a problem because salt in general is corrosive. But if you are concerned, try placing a small decorative plate under the votives and this should help. Happy crafting!

  1. How would you go about colouring the salts say red and would adding fine glitter to the mix add sparkle or just look ich?

    1. You can color the salts by simply adding a few drops of food coloring to a bowl of the Epsom salts and gently mixing the mixture until it is evenly distributed. The more drops of color you add… the deeper your salt colors will be. Also, dont be alarmed if your salts lose their color once you use your candles. This is normal, as this is how the salt react to the heat. I have never tried to add glitter to the salts but I think that is a fantastic idea to try out! Please let me know if you do it and how it turns out! Happy crafting!

    1. I made a few of these candle holders in different size jars for a grouping on my coffee table. I put them on a tray, and used a battery tea light inside if them. They were so beautiful, and I received many compliments on them at my Christmas Eve party! This was such a fun, easy and inexpensive project!

  2. I was looking for a last minute way to decorate some votive or mason jars for candles and I stumbled onto this. I have everything here at home to complete this thank you so much!!! Merry Christmas!

  3. love this idea.i was aslo thinking (will take some pratice maybe) is that instead of completly covering the jars with the salt,you might be able to stencil a design/saying that would stay clear while the rest of the jar is covered with the salt or vise versa.i cant wait to try this.i aslo like this craft cause it is basically everything you have in the house and it is not expensive.

  4. GREAT ideaI have done with tissue paper and glitteradd a bow around neck and it just dresses it upbut perfect andeasy for anyone. Different size and style jars make a difference as well. Thanks for sharing, epson salts I never used. Bonnies stencil idea sounds great too.

  5. This sounds like a great idea. Im going to make some of these up, and line my mantle. This will make the room really feel comfy.

  6. Just thought of another idea – this would be a great centerpiece – if you just did the top of wine glasses – for a New Years Eve Party.

  7. Hello I love this idea that I made them today, my question is can you recommend something tout over the salt so that every time you touch it the crystals dont fall off? Other than that they came out great! Thank you

    1. Try spraying or painting on a sealant once you are done adding all of your Epsom salt. This should help “seal” your crystals and keep them in their place. I’m so glad that this project turned out so well for you other than that and I’m gad we inspire you!

  8. Came across this idea in pintrest did the project and loved it I did 3 difrent size jars biggest size I put a stencil around it and only did the stencil with salt the middle size jar I covered completely the small one was a bit more difficult I put the same stencil and sprayed a sealer on it I let it dry and then worked around the stenciled area with a detail brush I put the glue and then the salt turned out very nice I em going to decorate on a center tray with cinnamon scented pine cones and Christmas reef.

    1. I’m so glad you found our tutorial on Pinterest! Your jars sound so lovely! If you would like, we would love to see pictures of your finished project. Please feel free to share with us on our Facebook page ( Thanks again for sharing with us Vereniz!

  9. hi, is there a specific reason why Epsom salt being used instead of table salt or larger grain salt.?Thanks for let tong me know.M