Raffia Ribbon Mini Broomstick Placecards

If you’re planning a Halloween dinner party but aren’t quiet ready for all out creepy decor, (plaster severed fingers anyone?) these sweet little mini broomsticks will adorn your plates while helping to sort out who’s sitting where. They would also be cute tied in a bunch as a centerpiece or fastened to an outdoor wreath. And if you happen to have a doll-loving child in the house, you can pass them on to them after the holiday. I know my daughter is already begging me for a couple for her dollhouse!

Things you need:
Twigs, about 10″ long and sturdy enough that they have lost their bend
Raffia, you’ll need 5-6 strands per broom
Craft Glue

Things to do:
1. Before you get started with the brooms, prep your paper by soaking it for a few minutes in some leftover coffee or tea and leaving it out to dry. This will age the paper and give it a more Halloween like appearance.
2. Gather five or so strands of raffia in one hand and, with your fingers slightly splayed out, wrap the raffia around your hand until you reach the other end. Use a scrap or extra piece of raffia to tie it tightly at the top of the loops.
3. Cut the opposite ends of the loops and trim so that they are all the same length. Near the tie, pull the bunch apart slightly and insert the end of your twig. Dot with glue and then pull the bunch of raffia down and around the end of the twig.
4. Using a wider piece of raffia, loop around several times about 1/4″ from the join between the raffia and the twig. Tie tightly and trim the ends.
5. Once your paper is dry, cut small strips and trim the ends to a inverted v” and write the names of your guests on each. Glue the names in the center of the twig or arrange onto of the raffia bunch. Set your table and get ready for some Halloween fun!

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