Quick and Simple Mini Origami Stars

Now don’t panic at the word origami, friends, I promise, these aren’t the complicated folds and exact angles that you’re used to. These origami stars as so quick, simple, and downright cute, that chances are, you’ll find yourself folding them out of any wee strip of paper you come across. These stars make excellent bowl fillers, garlands, table scatters or even confetti. Perfect for all sorts of celebrations!

Difficulty level: Easy
Time required: Less than 5 minutes

Things you’ll need:
1/2 inch strips of paper

Things to do:
1. Fold you strip at about the angle shown in the photo, about 1/3 the way down the strip.

2. Fold the other end over so that the space between the folds is the same width as the strip and so the sides of the strip line up with the points of the first fold.

3. Wrap this same leg behind the back and fold so that it comes up behind the original unfolded section. Trim and fold the end into the opening created by the first two folds.

4. Trim the other end and tuck it into the fold closest to it. You now have a folded pentagon.

5. To turn your pentagon into a star, gently push the end of your thumb up into the center of each side of the pentagon.

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