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Product Review: Precious Impressions Memory Mold 3-D Keepsake Kit

The Precious Impressions Memory Mold 3-D Keepsake Kit is really a great idea and can make a wonderful gift for yourself or someone else as long as you have the patience (and that means baby too!). I strongly suggest that you read the directions numerous times before even attempting this project. There are a lot of instructions that are time sensitive, so if you have an idea of what to expect before you begin you will not feel quite as panicked when you are actually making the mold. Another thing to be aware of before you begin is that you will need some at home materials that are mentioned in the directions, such as: a drinking cup, measuring cup, rubber spatula, and at the end of the process it suggests having a high gloss crystal clear glaze to seal your statue. The box also mentions that there is no base, so if you really want the look as shown on the box I suggest looking further on this website so you can purchase the kit, gloss, and unfinished wooden base all at one time.
I highly recommend having four hands available with children 6 months and older, so find someone to help you. One thing we did before getting my sons hand in the mold was to put on one of his favorite shows, so that he was distracted for the whole process. I found it helpful to have my husband holding my son while I was able to hold his hand in the bag and mush the gel around his hand. The gel worked just as directed, but it was only after the mold had set that I realized my sons thumb had been too close to one side of the bag and it left some openings along that side of the mold, so keep an idea of where their hand is in the bag. I was however, able to fix this minor flaw at the end of this project with extra plaster I had set aside for such an incident. Looking at the finished product makes me wish I had found something like this when my son was younger so I could do both his hand and foot, the mold really took on every aspect of his hand right down to the lines on his fingers. Like I said in the beginning, this is a fantastic gift but just needs a touch of patience for a remarkable keepsake. Enjoy!

Lisa Lahiff at Lisa’s Creative Niche

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